Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anwar's Sex Video

Anwar's Sex Video is now one of the top trending topics, and as such, I shall leave my readers (or what's left of it) with the following thoughts:

1. Any political strategist would have calculated the damage done by the release of the video not only on the alleged perpetrator but also the "alleged" mastermind (UMNO). On the balance of it, any intelligent strategist (which I believe is behind this wave of good feeling for Najib) must have known the reverse backlash would be far severe than the damage to Anwar. As such, who approved of this strategic blunder? Or is it a strategic decision? Or is it what it is - a sex video?

2. I find it insulting to be told by others (especially elitist-type) that this is gutter politics and it shouldn't matter. A sex video of a person, who is alleged to be a Member of Parliament, and potential Prime Minister, is a national concern just as we make a big hype about Rosmah music videos or Hishamuddin's holding a beer picture. If true, it is an illegal act, done perhaps with cover-up involving abuse of power, influence and money. Isn't that a matter that SHOULD be investigated? Just because such abuse comes out in the form of a sex video does not make it any less corrupted than overseas holidays and secret contracts. We cannot just sweep this matter under the carpet because it's dirty.

3. Why aren't there more elaborate set-ups on other PR leaders? Why is Anwar constantly and mercilessly "attacked"? It's quite obvious from the recent PKR election (Azmin saga) that even DSAI is now viewed not so favorably by many PKR members. So why Anwar? It's either (a) personal vendetta by UMNO (b) some stupid strategist thinks that Anwar is still the biggest key (c) Anwar is the easiest target amongst all . If you think the answer is (c), consider why you answer as such.